Acerca de JLB

                                        Acerca de JLB
Válvula China JinLaiBang, mayor calidad, su proveedor confiable.
Más de 20 años de producción e investigación de válvulas.


Jinlaibang valve current market analysis

100+——Procurement bidding platform

Shortlisted for several central enterprise group companies and became strategic partners, China Minmetals, MCC Tiangong, Shaanxi Longgang, China Construction and Installation Group Corporation, Shaanxi Construction and Installation Group Corporation, China Coal Group, China Railway Group, Country Garden Shaanxi Project Department, China Home of Chief Real Estate Engineer, Sinopec Lvyuan Geothermal Energy Development Co., Ltd., China Datang Corporation, Xi'an Thermal Engineering Institute, Hebei Jingye Iron and Steel Group, Guoneng E-purchase, China Power Construction Equipment and Materials Centralized Purchase Platform, Angang Group, Dongfang Hope Electronic Procurement platform.

500+ ——Engineering projects

Shaanxi Vanke Group, Xi'an SKP, Huaxia Cultural Tourism, Shaanxi Daily, Xi'an Medical College, Weinan Gymnasium, Xi'an Expo Site, Changfeng Garden Community, Xianyang Municipal Sewage Treatment Project, China Railway 21st Bureau, Longgang Group, Changfeng Qing Oilfield Hospital, Shaanxi Coal Group, Changfeng Garden Five-Star Hotel...

30 million + —— Annual output value

50 million —— Annual sales