Acerca de JLB

                                        Acerca de JLB
Válvula China JinLaiBang, mayor calidad, su proveedor confiable.
Más de 20 años de producción e investigación de válvulas.


Our company, headquartered in Shanghai and established in 2009, boasts over 15 years of experience in valve research and development. Over the years, we have continually strived to break through in our R&D efforts, achieving significant advancements in the field.

One of our most critical strategies has been investing in cutting-edge research and development tools and equipment that enable our engineers to develop new valve technology at an unprecedented pace. These tools have allowed us to simulate and test our designs under varying pressure and temperature conditions, ensuring that we deliver superior quality to our clients.

In addition to investing in research tools, our in-house experts conduct thorough market research to understand emerging trends and changing consumer demands for valves. The insights gathered guide our valve development processes to ensure that we meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

To further enhance our R&D efforts, we have fostered a culture of innovation within the company, encouraging our employees to think outside the box and ideate creative solutions to complex challenges. We provide continuous training and development opportunities to enhance our employees' skill sets and ensure that we remain at the forefront of valve research and development.

Additionally, we have an open innovation approach that allows us to collaborate with external partners, including academic institutions, industry associations, and research organizations. This partnership enables us to leverage different talents, expertise and technologies to enhance our innovation capabilities.


Jinlaibang valve patent

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Jinlaibang valve AAA qualification

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