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Válvula de control

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Válvula JLB Válvula para la industria
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Descripción del producto

The regulating valke series products produced by Shanghai jinlaibang Valve Manufacturing Co, Ltd. have been developed and manufactured for more than 10 years,lits products have high control accuracy, stable performance and reliable quality. This series of products have been successfully applied to various working conditions, according to notThe pressure, temperature, physical and chemical characteristics of the same medium form different seriles of products. All series of productsare widely applied lt is used in petroleum, chemical industry light industry pharmacy, papermaking, metallurgy power generation and otherindusties, and in the protuction of automatte industrial instruments it plays an important role in the system process. In recent years, the regulating valve series products of jinlaibang have been under some key working conditions China will gradually replace foreign imported products.

Highcontrol accuracy

The design of valve trim is simulated by CFD fluid mechanics sottware. The soltware is analyzed and calculated by protessional sottware and verfied by tests to meet process equirements. Its flow characteristics meet the requirements of international standards IEC60534 and GB/T17213.

Product specifications

The product covers a wide range, covering high,middie and low series,and also has a series of products designed for special working conditions. The product is highly versatile, and can be directly replaced with different valve trim types to meet different working conditions and control performance requirements.

Autonomous core controltechnology

Tiene una variedad de tecnología de control diferencial de alta presión para cumplir con los requisitos especiales de diferentes condiciones de trabajo. Y domine la tecnología del proceso de endurecimiento de componentes clave para mejorar el rendimiento del producto y mejorar la confiabilidad del producto. Al mismo tiempo, tiene un diseño de estructura de sello interno y externo hermético y confiable para cumplir con los requisitos de bajas fugas de estándares internacionales como TA-Luft/ISO 15848.

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