Working together to achieve greater success | "The 4th National Prefabricated Mechanical and Electrical 2024 Xi'an Annual Conference Preparatory Meeting" was successfully held at Jinlaibang Valve!

On December 12, 2023, the "4th National Prefabricated Mechanical and Electrical 2024 Xi'an Annual Conference Preparatory Meeting" was successfully held at Jinlaibang Automatic Valve Co., Ltd.! The theme of this meeting discussed the coordination, organization and preparation for the 4th National Prefabricated Mechanical and Electrical Annual Conference to be held in Xi'an from March 27 to 29, 2024.

Zhang Jianzhang and Liu Yanxia, secretary-generals of the Prefabricated Industry Development Center of the China Equipment Management Association, Xu Jinggang, chief engineer of the construction and installation company of Shaanxi Aerospace Construction Group, Li Junli, chief engineer of the installation company of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Sixth Construction Group Company, and Zhang Qianfeng, director of the Smart Construction Center of Shaanxi Construction Engineering and Installation Group , Zhao Jianjun, sales general manager of Xi'an Yizhu Mechanical and Electrical Industrialization Technology Co., Ltd., Fulli, general manager of Xi'an Jianke Software Technology Co., Ltd., Yang Lihui, general manager of Shaanxi Zhongwei Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Zhou Baoquan, northwest sales director of Pinming Technology Co., Ltd. Jinlaibang Automatic Control Valve Co., Ltd. Chairman Weng Yuanhui, Chairman Assistant Shi Fanchao, and Sales Manager Weng Ruibin jointly participated in this preparatory meeting. This meeting was hosted by Zhang Yingyi, General Department of Jinlaibang Automatic Valve Co., Ltd.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Secretary-General Zhang Jianzhang and his party first came to the reception room of Jinlaibang Valve. Everyone conducted pre-meeting communication on the "Preparations for the 2024 Fourth National Prefabricated Mechanical and Electrical Annual Conference" and discussed the planning, venue, awards, and arrangements of the annual conference. Wait for a brief understanding to pave the way for the smooth and successful convening of this meeting.

Secretary-General Zhang Jianzhang said at the meeting: The 2024 "Fourth National Assembly Electromechanical Annual Conference" will be held in Xi'an. This annual conference is not only a one-year summary of the China Equipment Management Association's assembly industry, but also a display of the association's external image. At that time, industry professionals from all over the country will gather in Xi'an, hoping to use this annual meeting to increase its reputation, reach more cooperation, and promote the further development of the prefabricated industry. Members of the organizing committee present at the preparatory meeting for this annual meeting hope that Everyone opens up their minds, speaks freely, works together, and brainstorms, and strives to go all out to make all the overall arrangements for the annual meeting on the premise of saving money.

Deputy Secretary-General Liu Yanxia gave a detailed introduction to the preparations for the annual meeting, annual meeting site selection, annual meeting procedures, venue layout, award establishment, speakers, catering arrangements and other aspects. Discussions were held at the meeting. Participants spoke actively, Many useful suggestions and comments were made.

Chief Engineer Li Junli suggested that the annual meeting could be held in Xi'an by adding an excellence award or a participation award. He also mentioned that arrangements should be made in advance for relevant industries to conduct publicity and all parties should be mobilized to provide support and cooperation.

Mr. Zhao of Yizhu Mechanical and Electrical said: As a company in the Xi'an assembly industry and a member of the organizing committee, Yizhu Mechanical and Electrical attaches great importance to this National Prefabricated Mechanical and Electrical Annual Conference and hopes to implement the 2024 conference distribution tools to each organizing committee member. At the conference, everyone performs their own duties and uses their own resources to publicize and promote through various channels, hoping to promote the progress of the annual meeting in an orderly manner and hold a high-level annual meeting;

Chairman Weng Yuanhui mentioned three points:

1. It is suggested that the National Prefabricated Mechanical and Electrical Annual Conference can also invite the main leaders of various associations in Xi'an to participate to increase influence and publicity;

2. The three sub-venues of the annual meeting will be held separately, which will inevitably lead to a large flow of personnel. Please consider this factor in advance;

3. The award setting and process arrangement can be adjusted, and it is recommended that the content of the annual meeting be richer in form, and strive to create the best effect of the annual meeting.

The participants actively interacted with each other and expressed their opinions on the preparations for the annual meeting. The atmosphere of the meeting was warm. At the meeting, the activity process, contact docking, annual meeting content and other preparatory matters were initially determined.

After the meeting, Zhang Yingyi of the General Department of Jinlaibang Valve gave a PPT presentation on Jinlaibang Valve to the guests, allowing the guests to have a deeper understanding of Jinlaibang through company introduction, development history, corporate culture, main products, related activities and performance, etc. The story behind it attracted constant applause.

Finally, the group of guests, led by Chairman Weng Yuanhui of Jinlaibang Valve, visited the factory and exhibition hall of Jinlaibang Valve under construction. By visiting the valve products, production equipment, exhibition hall under construction in the factory, etc., everyone gained an understanding of the achievements made by Jinlaibang Valve year by year. He gave affirmation and praise for the achievements, and was full of expectations and surprises for Jinlaibang Valve's future development in the valve industry.

Whatever you do with accumulated strength, you will be victorious, and whatever you do with wisdom, you will be successful. I believe that with the efforts of everyone, the "4th National Prefabricated Mechanical and Electrical 2024 Xi'an Annual Conference" will be an annual event with appeal, cohesion, and influence. Let us stay tuned! This united effort to achieve greater success | The preparatory meeting for the 4th National Prefabricated Mechanical and Electrical 2024 Xi'an Annual Conference concluded successfully!