Let’s work together to seek new development || Warmly welcome leaders from CMEC Cooperative Assembly Center, Yizhu Mechanical and Electrical, and Sihang Mechanical and Electrical to visit Jinlaibang Valve for visits and exchanges

In the golden autumn of September, the sweet osmanthus is fragrant. In this harvest season, on September 12th, Zhang Jianzhang, Secretary General of the Prefabricated Industry Development Center of China Equipment Management Association, and Jin Fengming, Deputy Secretary General, Zou Bin, Chairman of Xi'an Yizhu Mechanical and Electrical, and Xi'an Sihang Mechanical and Electrical Chairman Yang Chaohui and other leaders and more than 20 big names in the industry visited Jinlaibang Valve for visit and exchange. Jinlaibang Valve Chairman Weng Yuanhui, Chairman Assistant Shi Fanchao, and Sales Vice President Weng Wenyuan warmly received, accompanied us to visit, communicate and interact, and seek common development!

1. Discussion and exchange

Representatives at the meeting spoke one after another, briefly discussed and analyzed the current status of the industry, shared their personal views and expectations for the future industry prospects, and the participating guests introduced their own situations and shared and exchanged views on industry topics. Many friends mentioned themselves We are already old acquaintances of Jinlaibang Valve. Some of them have met through cooperation, some of them want to cooperate in the future, and many of them praise Director Weng for his conduct and are grateful; everyone shares their industry experience with each other, has in-depth exchanges and discussions, and is on-site The atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

Finally, Mr. Weng said that he was born in sales, and it was not easy to get to where he is today step by step. Although the company is not big, it cannot get to where it is today without the help and support of all the noble people, so Jin Laibang's corporate logo also symbolizes a drop of water. We are always grateful for the kindness given by drops of water; it is also fate to be together today. Drink more tea and walk more. We don’t necessarily have to cooperate, but we can also become true friends and share the joys and sorrows together.

2. Visit office buildings and factories

After the meeting, a group of leaders, led by Chairman Weng Yuanhui, visited the office building of Jinlaibang Automatic Control Valve Co., Ltd. During the visit, they all expressed that the comfortable office environment, good working atmosphere, and the team full of positive energy also bear Mr. Weng’s efforts and efforts. Giving is also a powerful promotion of King Laibang’s corporate culture.

After visiting the office building, Mr. Weng led the guests to visit the northwest branch of Jinlaibang Valve Factory, and introduced the blueprint of the exhibition hall under construction. Everyone communicated while visiting. This visit strengthened everyone's confidence in the future of Jinlaibang Valve Enterprise. Develop confidence.

3. Take a group photo as a souvenir

Working together to seek new development, this interactive exchange symposium with the same industry concluded successfully at Jinlaibang Valve. This event not only enhanced friendship among the same industry, but also laid a good foundation for future in-depth cooperation and development. Jinlaibang Valve will also take this opportunity to actively explore and carry out more high-quality cooperation and joint construction, and lead the Jinlaibang family to write a more magnificent chapter with a fighting and confident spirit. Jinlaibang Valve also wishes everyone the best in This golden autumn is worthy of time and full of harvest!