Smart heating, smart future | Smart heating seminar was successfully held at Jinlaibang Valve

On November 19, 2023, the "Smart Heating Seminar" sponsored by the Building Energy Professional Committee of the Shaanxi Civil Engineering Society was grandly held in the factory conference room of Jinlaibang Automatic Valve Co., Ltd., with leaders from the Shaanxi Civil Engineering and Construction Association and major designers More than 30 people, including the chief engineer of the hospital's HVAC industry experts, business leaders in the HVAC and heating industry, and senior executives of Jinlaibang Automatic Control Valve Co., Ltd., attended this seminar to discuss efficient energy-saving heating and contribute to a better and more comfortable life.

01 Visit Jinlaibang's office building and reception room for negotiation. Visit Jinlaibang’s office building and reception room for negotiation.


At 9 a.m. on November 19, Yi Fenghua, deputy secretary-general of the Shaanxi Civil Engineering Society, and Li Jianping, director of the Building Energy Professional Committee, and their delegation came to the office building of Jinlaibang Automatic Valve Co., Ltd. for a visit and exchange. Director of Jinlaibang Valve Co., Ltd. Chang Weng Yuanhui and company executives warmly received him.

02 Smart Heating Smart Future Smart Heating Seminar


Chairman of Jinlaibang Valve: Weng Yuanhui

image.pngAt the beginning of the seminar, first of all, Mr. Weng was honored and sincerely grateful that this "Smart Heating Seminar" could be held at Jinlaibang Valve Company, and extended a warm welcome to the guests present; in order to actively respond to the national dual-carbon goal, "Efficient energy saving, smart heating" has always been a hot topic in the sustainable development of the HVAC industry. Jinlaibang Valve has also been committed to innovating more new valves that are environmentally friendly, technological and intelligent. We hope that through today's cooperation with Close discussions and interactions between teachers from design institutes and leaders of HVAC and heating companies further promote smart heating.

03 Jinlaibang Valve and Xinjiu University Construction Courseware Display


Xu Jianyun, chief technical engineer of King Laibang automatic control valves, showed everyone the technical aspects of King Laibang valves and introduced the principles of valve operation from a professional perspective. Teachers from the on-site design institute actively interacted with each other and highly recognized King Laibang's valve technology.


Yang Weidong, chairman of Xi'an Xinjiuda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., introduced the principle, installation and use of Xinjiuda boilers through the case "Huangling County Thermal Service Center Heating System Safety Operation and Management Training" and discussed the boiler's " "Smart Heating" technology will be demonstrated.


Finally, Wang Wenjing, the executive of King Laibang Automatic Valve Co., Ltd., used the company's publicity PPT to more comprehensively explain to the guests the story behind the King Laibang Valve brand, brand culture, main products, development history and other aspects.

The atmosphere at this seminar was warm. All the guests spoke freely, brainstormed, and jointly explored the importance, development and implementation of "smart heating", which played a positive role in promoting the high-quality development of "heat supply".

04 Visit Jinlaibang Valve Exhibition Hall and Workshop



At the end of the seminar, Mr. Weng led a group of people to visit the Jinlaibang Valve Exhibition Hall and workshop to display valve products. The guests observed the different types and specifications of valves displayed in the Jinlaibang workshop. Leaders in the HVAC and heating industry present On-site learning and communication were conducted again with Weng Dong, Weng Wenkun, General Sales Manager and other senior executives on the valve products displayed by King Laibang.


This "Smart Heating Seminar" was held very successfully. It was a gathering of industry elites and a harvest trip of thinking collision. It was also a grand event to work together to help promote "dual carbon" and create a better future for HVAC in our province. The high-quality development of the heating industry has played a positive role in promoting the exploration of "smart heating" to allow more people to gain a sense of happiness and comfort and help achieve the dual-carbon goal.